Miracle Matches

Don’t you just love when seemingly coincidental, win-win matches happen? Recently, someone I knew was downsizing from a six-bedroom house to a three-bedroom house with a whole lot of extra, unwanted furniture and household items. She happen to be at my house and thought to offer my next-door neighbor her basically, brand-new bed for their young child. My neighbor told her he didn’t need it, but that he knew a family who had recently lost everything (from either a fire or flood…not sure.) My neighbor also happens to have access to everything needed to pick up, store, and get all the furniture to the desperate family. What a feel-good, right? Almost like a higher power knew that my friend was offering it all free and just needed it taken away. The family in need was desperate for a house full of furniture, and then there was my neighbor who so kindly jumped right in to make it all happen. It was a miracle of converging generosities. I just loved it!

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  1. Sharon D Murray Avatar
    Sharon D Murray



    div>There are some really good peop


    1. Your comment was cut short, but I wanted to thank you for reading my posts!! Love you, Cuz!


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