I Know You’re Not Crazy!

Before I could say that, I had to make sure I wasn’t either, otherwise, how would I know. I’m talking about signs from your loved ones from the other side. If I weren’t so convinced that they are still with us, in some form, or frequency, or dimension, I couldn’t be so sure of myself…or you, if you’re in the same boat. For a year and a half, my late husband has continued delivering unexplainable happenings that relate to his sense of humor, or to special dates, or in ways we shared private memories. I don’t always enjoy them at first because I think there’s something wrong I’ll have to fix. After a while, though, when the sign or problem discontinues, there appears to be some other coincidence that gets my attention. Usually, there’s been no cost or effort required, and it just stops. I begin to recognize the happenings as signs. It’s definitely in the context.

Recently, I’ve been awakened abruptly in the middle of the night and in the middle of a dream, by a strong message I can “hear” in my mind clearly in his voice. The message is an interruptive blurt, which is the best way I can put it. It thoroughly alerts me into a wide-awake state, and it doesn’t go away from my memory the way a dream eventually does. It also comes in the form of a strong suggestion in answer to something worrying me. Like recently, I was finishing up the book I’ve been writing and wondering what to call it. He was definitely very clear, very clever, and gave me the title. Now, everyone I share it with tells me it’s so him and so perfect for the message of “our” book. I wish I came up with it, but I confess I didn’t. ( I can’t share it just yet as my manuscript was just submitted, and I’m waiting approval.) I’m actually enjoying his sleep interruptions because they are reminders that he is supporting me from the other side. How comforting is that?

So if you experience such “inserted” thoughts, songs in your mind, signs and messages that don’t feel explainable…you’re not crazy. You’re paying attention. Relax and enjoy their contact. They are thinking of you, trying to tell you so, and hoping you can recognize love in a new form.

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