Happy Anniversary Signs


I tried to stay happy on what would have been our 54th wedding anniversary, as a gift to my late husband. I know he watches over me, and I know in my heart he would not want me spending the day crying about missing him since he passed last year. I planned a day away to shop and have lunch at a small, quaint, local town with two wonderful, loving and caring people so my day would be filled with laughter and joy. It worked. I even found the perfect parking spot as a little gift.

The day was great as planned, but the next day seemed really sad as if I wasn’t going to escape processing that reality. Try as I might to not feel the sadness that was seeping into most of my activities of the day, it kept coming. However, I believe my husband came to my rescue with an anniversary gift to beat every gift he ever gave me…clear signs of his energy at work. His first was one of our remote, hand-held phone sitting in it’s charging cradle lit up, stayed lit for a few seconds, and went out with no phone call. Then it did it again, and then no more. It only happened on his den phone when I went into that room, and not the other hand-held phone that I could see in the other room. I checked it for calls, checked our special caller ID we have, and no caller was indicated.

After that, I was writing a post on my computer and the computer screen started jiggling so crazy that I couldn’t read anything and had to shut it down to make it stop…and the jiggling didn’t come back. And as I was still sitting there, a series of loud bangs came from the television, then quiet, then another series, and then it stopped. I grabbed my cell camera and got the video camera turned on, and was able to catch the tv doing that series of bangs a second time to document it. It was wild. And then all was quiet…the phone, the computer, and the television. He kept his word. He always told me when he was alive that he’d use electronics to prove his spirit was still there, just on the other side, after he passed. I thanked him for bringing me out of my grief and remind me he is always with me. What a wonderful anniversary present!

4 responses to “Happy Anniversary Signs”

  1. Sharon D Murray Avatar
    Sharon D Murray

    I’m so glad this helping you but it almost feels spooky!!!



    1. I’m sure it would feel that way if I didn’t know he said he’d be sending me signs! I’ve had so many signs and I love them all…once I know nothing is really broken! Lol.


  2. I love his creativity! 🙂


    1. If we only knew just how much he’s really doing! Lol.

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