New Puppy Joy!

Today I saw that my neighbor got a new puppy and shared the sweet little thing with me on a quick visit. I fell in love! I have always felt dogs were put on this earth to simply please us with their unconditional love when treated well. And puppies just light up our hearts. After my husband passed, so many people told me I should get a dog, but it was more care-taking than I had left in me. Besides, I also wanted to be able to go visit my local daughter freely…especially when I needed a break from being home alone and the grief. She has three dogs so I can pet away to somewhat satisfy a little bit of my doggy need. So this visit today of their nine-week-old miniature schnauzer was like medicine for my soul.

Amazing how we can find joy even when we think it’s gone. It’s out there. I feel such happiness just from the memory of that adorable little cutie. And better than that, I keep smiling because they’d like me to puppy sit next week when they have an appointment and don’t want to leave her alone in their house. I can’t wait. Letting me have playtime with this sweet little vitamin pill is not just a favor to them, but also a gift to me! Simple joys are just the best!

3 responses to “New Puppy Joy!”

  1. I can’t wait to hear about your puppy sitting! Take pictures!


    1. It was so delightful! She was so innocently active and adorable!

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    2. I definitely will!


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