Technology and Aging

I didn’t grow up with a computer so I have no natural instincts like the kids do today. At midlife, I took many courses to learn all the current programming languages so I could be a programmer. In the end, I stayed with my career in education because it had more meaning to me than coding. I can’t believe how many hours/years I spent sitting in front of my computer with various, and now archaic, homework projects on my nights and weekends. It’s a good thing I actually enjoyed it. Fast forward to our present times, the changes are coming faster than the rate of change I remember, especially with the new Artificial Intelligence moving in. From what I hear, I’m in a big boat with so many of us as we age. Having left the demands of the work place, it’s easier to get behind than it was before..

The good news is that what I’m really discovering, once again, is how to be graceful and positive about accepting change and not becoming computer unfriendly. Throwing in the proverbial towel is not an option nowadays, anyway. And we’ve all had to learn, especially with Covid restrictions, to pay our bills online, have teleheath Zoom checkups with our doctors, communicating through portals, and have headshot face-to-face conversations with our loved ones on our phones instead of in person.

So now, when I feel the challenge of doing something new, I take it on! I ask around to see how my friends and family are handling the changes as they come, I’ve also learned to google instructions when I need to learn how to set up or repair items. My best plan yet is my arrangement with a neighbor to have her come visit, and we barter her technology savy on the computer or phone, with my counseling/ lifecoach support. It is so mutually perfect! The best part is my feeling capable of handling some of what my late husband used to take care of. And I truly feel he is helping me from the other side with nudges, mental thoughts from nowhere, and “coincidences” that seem to come to me right when I need them.

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  1. Amazing
    Thank you for sharing your experiences of learning programming languages later in life and your journey to accepting and embracing technological changes. It’s inspiring to see how you’ve found ways to keep up with the advancements and not feel left behind. My question for you is, what tips would you give to someone who is struggling to keep up with technology and feels overwhelmed by the constant changes?


    1. Hi, Jon. Thanks for your question. What worked for me was first, the decision to keep up by just easing into it with baby steps, and then, second, getting a technology coach to help me. My coach is a retired HS tech teacher, and I ask her specific questions. We meet every other week for a half hour (which is plenty to absorb) and I pay her a small stipend and offer her what she needs from me. The other possibility was to reach out to a neighbor high school student or grandchild for help. What made me feel so inadequate at first is serving to make me feel so much more competent now just by accumulating information over time. Good luck!


  2. Great job Bobbi Lama! You’re an inspiration to so many people!


    1. Thank you, and you’ve been inspirational for a long time!

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    2. You’ve been there for me and have made such a difference. You are my teacher now!

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