We Made Our Little Plan

I stopped posting here for a bit in order to write my book. It was quite cathartic as I shared the experiences of connecting with my late husband during my first year of widowhood. And as much as I know others may find my story quite unique to say the least, my biggest hope is that it inspires others to open up to that possible connection. The comfort of knowing their energy is all around you can bring you so much peace. The combinations of coincidences of my husband’s signs were, and still are, absolutely amazing, and I have found that the synchronicity of the timing, the meaningfulness, and his unique personality contribute to the validation in a way only I can grasp. The fact that he predicted how he would work to “come through” if he passed first, to show me he was not gone is even more convincing because it was the first thing to happen after he passed! He said, “I’ll let you know when I get there, and I figure I’ll mess with the thermostat.” And he did just that.

I’m so happy we had that conversation, and in a way that was not sad or morbid. We kept it light and playful trying to imagine, with our little brains, that if our souls and consciousness would be simply energy then, not physical bodies anymore, what we could do with that. He figured electrical or electronic impact would be his call sign if he could. His career was in those fields, so he figured he stood a good chance of having a noticeable impact, I’m not that handy, so I just hoped I could visit him in his dreams. He now does both which helps me remember he’s not gone. Our little plan worked!

5 responses to “We Made Our Little Plan”

  1. Leslie Christopher Avatar
    Leslie Christopher

    Your story inspires us to know our loved ones are all around. It definitely helps to ease the pain of loss.
    Thank you for sharing and giving the rest of us hope. 💕🙏🏼


    1. Thank you, Leslie. I feel like he and I have this as a mission. His efforts have really been outstanding and I need to make it worth it for him…his final sacrifice. Love you!


  2. I love your stories and how he’s been working to remind you that he’s here with you! My dad came through a song last night which is another way in which they communicate with us!


    1. Thank you! And that’s socool to hear from your dad. They are always near us!

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      1. Yes they are! I love that you are sharing your experiences too!


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