Ordered All But One

I found myself pulled to books and podcasts this year having to do with the soul, afterlife, and grieving a loss. The speakers and authors all gave me comfort in validating my feeling that the energy of my late husband, Jack, was not gone, but still around me. Everytime I finished a book, I’d order another one and kept them coming. Recently, though, I had a book arrive in the mail from Amazon on humor (The Healing Power of Humor by Allen Klein) that I didn’t remember ordering. I checked my orders and there is no record of it…no gift card and no one indicating they sent it. What is interesting is that I had recently thought about writing a book sharing stories of my husband’s signs and messages, but concerned it would end up being too sad or too heavy. And then this book arrived with a clear message to keep it light! With my husband’s personality, stories about him in his physical life and his afterlife certainly will be that. And I just love how I receive exactly what I need at exactly the right time as if my guardian angel (or Jack?) is watching over me and has divine timing. Thanks for the book!

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