A Red Cardinal

So many people have commented to me about watching for a red cardinal. They’ve said red cardinals are symbolic messengers sent from our loved ones who have crossed over and want us to know they are still near. I do really love those special moments when I experience something unusual with a bird, a butterfly, or a blinking light, etc. when they are timed meaningfully and get my attention. Today, it was two cardinals…one all red, the male, and one brown, the female, and inches from my face!

After I woke up this morning, I was finishing off a sad dream and felt the leftover heaviness in me. Trying to shake it off and start my day, I moved around the house opening blinds and shades to welcome the sun and pick up my mood. As the loneliness persisted and I reached the last room, I asked my late husband for a sign that he was near me. As I opened those curtains, two cardinals swooping together right in front of me no more than six inches from the window made me jump back with a start. They seemed to dive bomb from the upper left of the window to the lower right, and then (the part that really got my attention), they did a hard turn and flew back across the window from the lower right to the upper left.

I was so startled and wowed. It was a “bird couple” for sure. One male, one female, together in tight flight, and in a perfectly choreographed, perfectly timed. and perfectly attention-getting performance. When they passed by my face for their first swoop by my window, they were simply way too close to the house not to slam into the side of the garage if they had kept going. I was actually worried they wouldn’t have time or space for a save if they didn’t turn immediately. Doing an instant 180 degree turn, they not only saved themselves, but also were able to do the second pass, once again hugging the window from where I was watching. I guess I don’t always pay attention to his attempts to get my attention, so he had to really rattle my cage.

My husband never did anything simply or mildly, His presence and efforts were always strong, funny, and confident in his physical life, so I know not to question the personality that comes through this energy in his spirit. I guess someday I’ll understand how one’s soul energetic fequency can influence a bird’s flight, a butterfly encircling, or a thought entering our conciousness. In the meantime, I hope he continues to send signs that are bold, unusual, and in my face so I don’t miss them!

3 responses to “A Red Cardinal”

  1. Dear Bobbi thank you for sharing your heart wisdom and love it’s so inspiring and comforting


    1. You are so kind. Thank you!


      1. You are welcome!


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