Channeling His Spirit

The other day, I was talking to my friend about connecting with my late husband, and she suggested doing something like a free-writing. She said to invite his energy to answer a question and just allow the answer to “come through me.” I wasn’t sure how I’d discern the difference between what I thought was a good answer, what he would probably say if he was alive, or what he might be “sending” to my thoughts for me to write down. In any event, I went outside to the patio by the pond, sat in “his chair”, quieted my busy brain, and opened up to receive. I soon discovered I was writing answers to questions I wasn’t even generating. In fact, some surprised me. I’ll share this channeling to my one question: “How do I clean out your stuff?”

His answer: “You can start by deciding what you need…what you can use…then give items you don’t want to those who do…then to Good Will…then toss. I don’t have a body – no need for clothes or jewelry. Turn anything into cash if you have the energy…you shouldn’t need the money – you have the house. You can enjoy the space.”

Then, out of nowhere, I wrote, “Exercise, please. I’d hate to see you get to a state of pain or disability. Let me know when you want to go, but, in the meantime, find happiness and know I am here…near.”

(Our friend) “…is right…I’ll make you look, but I am not the signs…go with your instinct…it’s a good one now…wasn’t before. Your innocence and need to believe was naive. I will help you discern and be strong. Continue loving with your whole heart…that’s it…that’s what ‘the all’ is…love. For you (it’s) only a limited word…but just wait for when you join me. You won’t believe it…or actually you will…you’ll remember.”

“I love you in a way you can’t possibly know, and I enjoy watching you – especially when you discover it’s me…like in the church. I filled you with me – did you feel it? No need to sway and sing – just feel me, feel it – feel the love. Know the eternal omnipotence of the one creative intelligence. Be patient with the physical limitations, but keep writing to help others. Give comfort…that’s the beauty of you.”

“I’m not gone. I see you sitting there in my chair- on the patio. Enjoy the view…all the physical majesty and our sunset. There’s so much more to come. Trust me.”

Mentally I answered him, “I will.”

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