Musical Messages

My husband always knew the lyrics to songs while I would usually only know the first line, or just the chorus, and the rest I’d make up a sound and repeat it to the tune. I can’t sing anyway, so it didn’t matter. His voice, though, sounded like Elvis Presley and I missed it. I started noticing right after he passed, that the radio seemed to play songs that reminded me of him or us which, I guess is to be expected when your focus is on your grief. His favorite song for me was “You Look Wonderful Tonight”, and mine for him was “The Power of Love.” Each time they played, I’d think it was a sign, but then I’d think I was crazy to believe he might be trying to send me a message through music. Surely songs on the radio couldn’t be affected by that afterlife energy fequency, right? But as I would get in the car, those two songs played so often…actually disproportionately more often than I ever remember, and it felt as if the words were for me from him. The bigger “coincidence” was that so many of the songs and/or their lyrics that came up on the car radio were always in response to my most immediate thoughts related to missing him so terribly.

One time I was so sad feeling like I would never be loved again like he loved me, and the radio played “I’ll Always Love You” followed by “You’re Still the One.” Another time I wanted to talk to him like he was near and yet thinking where are you? How do I talk to you? And “Right Here Waiting for You” came on. I prayed the pain he had before he passed was over, and the radio played “No Scars in Heaven.” Another day I was wishing he knew what I was doing with his belongings and business and “With Every Breath You Take, I’ll Be Watching You” came right on. Then there was the time, when I asked him not to send me a sad message because I needed to not be crying as I’d be arriving to lunch with friends, the radio played “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I laughed out loud saying to myself you are too much, and the song that followed was “Simply the Best” which was so like him.

Recently, I looked at the journals I had started writing after he passed away to see my progress over this first year. I noticed how often I commented on those seemingly “synchronicitous” songs that played just as I would have thoughts or requests. There were 75 of them! When I prayed he was okay on the other side, “Almost Paradise” and “I Can See Clearly Now” came on. When I had thoughts wishing he could’ve lived longer, I heard “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Circle of Life,” and “Celebrate Me Home.”

When I was feeling fear of being alone, missing my protector who always made me feel safe, I heard “I’ll Be There for You”, “Just the Two of Us You and I,” “I Keep on Loving You,” and “Everything I Do, I Do It for You.” When I’ve recently had more positive thoughts about making a new life and finding a reason to be happy in spite of my missing him, the radio played “Baby When I See You Smile,” and “If It Makes You Happy.” And yesterday, I mentally asked him to show me his funny personality in a song so I’d know it was him, and “Another One Bites the Dust” came on followed by “If You Don’t Know Me by Now,” and “That’s the Way I Like It.”

So all I’ve learned from listening to mediums about how they receive messages, it feels hard to deny that the “seeming coincidences” may well be messages, especially if they are personally meaningful and so perfectly timed. The mediums also suggest you remain open, accepting, and trusting. A little while ago, when I was doing errands in the car, I was hoping he could assure me these musical messages are from him, and what started playing was Cher’s song “Believe.” Perfect answer!

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  1. I love this Bobbi! He’s so creative with his choices and perfectly timed!


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