“Measurably” Around Me

This Christmas I received and EMF Tester as a fun gift. Now I have always heard about electromagnetic radiation exposure being a health concern. And I have also read that loved ones cross over into a state of energy that consists of elevated frequencies… and/or they may be able to affect those energy fields. Needless to say, I became excited about the idea of using this little tool to not only check the safety of my house since I live near an electrical station, but also check my electronic equipment (tv’s, computers, etc.), and then become a “ghost hunter” of sorts. Lol. Deep down, I would so love to get more evidence that my late husband was around! So my scientific sleuthing began by walking around my house looking at the indicator of what the instructions say are units of an emf radiation measurement for fields of electricity (volts/meter) and magnetism (milliGauss). A magnetic reading of under 40 means you are safe from a chronic negative health impact. However if the reading is 40 or over, the light on the gadget’s lcd screen turns flashing red, and the alarm beeps indicating an unhealthy exposure level of electromagnetic radiation.

I checked it from my chair and it was a 0. I walked around the house watching the indicator stay mostly in the single digits. The television was 0, and the lamp was 11. My kitchen was also 0 by the microwave, which made sense because it was off. I held the meter by my smartphone and got a reading of 0. And then an emotional interruption happened… my phone showed a Google-generated composite of pictures from my gallery of saved pictures, and they were all of my late husband and me, a memory album from over the years. I stopped the emf checking to look at all the pictures, and they suddenly made me ache for him, as grief often does. It reduced me to tears as I remembered those very real memories – one after the other. I mentally “told him” I wished he could still be with me and asked him for a sign. As I sobbed, I began to get a ringing in my ears… and it got louder and louder. (I had been noticing that ringing getting my attention these last few months whenever I missed him the most.)

As that ringing got my attention, I remembered that little emf meter and, for the heck of it, I grabbed it to give it a quick “spirit energy” test from my chair. I was definitely distracted from the crying now, and felt doubtful but hopeful. This time, when I turned it on, the lcd indicator was flashing red and the alarm went off immediately with a reading of 145. I was blown away! It seemed as if the change from a 0 reading to a 145, meant his energy was now around me, since nothing else could explain that change.

I started to move around the house again in an excited but skeptical mindset to make sure the meter was working right. The numbers then dropped right off to a blue screen and with the readings typically ranging between 0 to 11, with one at 29. All safe, and no spirit energy. So, just to push my limit of belief, I asked him to give me a sign again as I went into our bedroom. I got a 0 by our bed. Then I held the meter up toward the nightstand and pointed it to a framed picture of us kissing after being pronounced husband and wife at our wedding. The number shot up to 188 with the alarm beeping fast and loudly! I pointed it away, and it went to 0, blue, and quiet. I pointed it back at that picture again, and off went the alarm and flashing red screen. I repeated it over and over and tears just poured. His message felt clear, and too hard to deny.

I’m sure you can guess that I’ve continued to play with that little emf meter, especially whenever I miss my husband terribly. There are constant “synchroncities” of my needy reaching out with the meter reading high. Then, at other times, when I’m not looking for signs or his energy, those same “red-alert places” would then read low numbers and blue. It’s as if he sent me a kiss. How comforting to think he is “measurably” around me!

2 responses to ““Measurably” Around Me”

  1. Such a cool gadget!! I love this!!!


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