Relationship Reflections

I’ve been reflecting on the relationship lessons I’ve learned in my lifetime based on the 54 years my husband and I had together before he passed. We both grew through the many stages of maturity – individually and as a couple. Here’s what I learned personally:

  1. Keep the lines of communication open…but allow time to process.
  2.  Listen to understand – not to prepare your counter point.
  3. Always respect the other person’s point of view. Afterall, there are 8 billion of them…and all different.
  4. Don’t believe what you think -it’s only your unique perception of your personal reality.
  5. Choose “happy” over “right.” In the end, that’s why we’re here.
  6. No one is perfect, so don’t harbor ill will…it eats up the host.
  7. Shared laughter is the joyful miracle that joins our souls. Keep it light.
  8. In the end, we’re all doing the best we know how, so be patient with yourself and others.
  9. Love forever.

2 responses to “Relationship Reflections”

    1. Thank you. It felt channeled!


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