The Miracles of Joy

Ever get the giggles with a friend and feel so close and connected to them? No surprise, right? Since joy is one of our highest frequencies, when we share that laughter, we resonate with that miracle of Oneness we all share from our entire energy field. And not just a connection to a spot deep within, but throughout our whole being and into the auric field around us. When I am talking with my friends and we imagine the ridiculous and start laughing at the absurdities of our images, it feels so good, you know what I mean? What a delightful escape from the constancy of our serious, ever-vigilant, list-making busy brain. And the laughter is so unifying, even if just for a few minutes. I even remember as a kid preferring friends that liked to imagine crazy images so we could giggle together. To this day, no matter how sad or serious a friend discussion can get, keeping it light at the end makes all the difference in the take-away… a comic relief. That shared laughter gives perspective to the moment making it all reduced in seriousness and back to manageable.

Another miracle of laughter is what it does to us for our health and well-being. I can honestly say that laughter with friends and family, as well as from humorous books and tv shows, has brought me out of some serious grief this past year after losing my husband and feeling the despair. It always felt like a brain reset to have a good laugh from an unexpected interruption during a sobbing session, especially when the tears seemed to have no end and I couldn’t break the flow with any other distraction.

I also know my immune system gets its reset when it goes from a sad place (ie flight-or-fight response) to laughter (ie rest-and-digest response.) After a tough year of sadness, I’ve learned how healthy it is to make plans to be where people are happy. I’m learning to focus on the present and the future with an effort to find more joy. And the best part is how easy it is right now to find joy with all that positivity of giving, gratitude and laughter of this happy holiday season… a season of many miracles.

4 responses to “The Miracles of Joy”

  1. I love your post, laughter is truly strong medicine for something that ails us all. I’m thankful to be one of your friends and share the gift of laughter with you.


    1. And I am so grateful for you! Our laughter is the best!


  2. Giggling over here…so grateful to have you in my life!


    1. And so grateful for you.We are blessed!


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