Legacy Wall

A few days ago, I took two large framed favorites down from a wall in my husband’s den. They were Buc souvenirs that my grandsons would love to have. I felt giving them to the boys was a way I could bring joy to them and to Jack’s spirit. Unfortunately, something psychological hit me so hard as I removed them, and I had a difficult time understanding why I was so deeply saddened. I wondered if it represented the first step in dismantling his room…or because it was giving away something he cherished. It felt like I was giving some of him away and I couldn’t handle that.

However, today I had such a comforting thought. I could fill new large frames with the announcements of the lifetime award he was given posthumously. He was a legend in his field and was given the highest award they had…The Spirit of Independence. I decided I would build that wall back up in his honor. Not keeping items he collected, but rather hanging statements of who he was…a legacy wall. It gave me such a great feeling. I now would have a project that I could pour myself into as an act of love to him, and have a way to keep his memory alive for as long as I will be in our home. Finding the joy made all the difference.

4 responses to “Legacy Wall”

  1. What a great idea! Jack will love it!


    1. I agree. Thanks. He likes being a legend! Lol.


    1. I can just hear him say, “So, did I tell you I’m a legend?” Lol.


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