Subtle Nudges

Now that I’m accepting the fact that I’m getting messages from the other side, my next steps are to discern and interpret those messages. I’ve noticed that when I have a thought that feels like a contradiction of what I was thinking, I’ll argue with it…almost as a test. Like the other day, I woke up and checked the weather. It was warm and balmy… a perfect morning for a walk. Now I love to walk when the weather is good, and I’ve come to know how important exercise is for my emotional well-being in addition to the obvious physical benefits. However, as I mentally decided to grab my phone and keys to head out the door, I had an interrupting thought, “Don’t go.” I immediately figured it was because a year ago I tripped on a raised sidewalk, fell, and broke my wrist and hadn’t walked much since.

I was thinking this warning was just a strong fear-thought and refused to be scared, so I decided I would “get back on the horse”, but I would only go around the block and walk on the road surface, not the terrible irregular sidewalks. I immediately had a strong thought again as I went outside, “Don’t go!” But I had made up my mind and headed out anyway. And yet, I did find those warnings to be somewhat ominous, and, in addition, almost like arguing with my own mind.

So I went around the block and then, almost in defiance of that warning again, I decided to extend my walk to a much larger route because it just felt so good to be finally out walking on that breezy morning. And, once I got out to the most periferal point of that route and the farthest distance from my house, it started to get seriously windy and began to drizzle, then rain, and then pour. On the way home, as I became more and more soaked, I “received” the thought, “I tried to warn you.” It had been just a gentle nudge that came to me and not generated from me.

I am convinced now that I definitely have to get better about discerning my thoughts from those that “feel sent as an instant knowing”…something so subtle. I learned that the two best indicators were, one, that the warnings came more or less as a surprise, and, two, they were not aligned with my current thinking. It was so similar to the recent morning experience from my Thinning the Veil post. So the next time I start to recognize that simple subtle difference, I will defnitely pay attention…I hope.

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