Thanks Giving

I’ve learned that the more gratitude I have, the happier I feel, and the happier I feel, the more gratitude I have. What a great up-cycling to raise my energy frequency. And when I’m in that joyful state of positivity, I believe I can be closer to my late husband. When I raise my vibration, and his is already raised, I believe I have more of a chance to feel the connection. The problem is, when you’re grieving and having deep waves of sadness, it’s hard to muster that joy. And as Thanksgiving was appoaching this year, my first without him, the missing traditions were grabbing at my heart even more than normal. My husband and I would always try to create a humorous Christmas card, and we’d start pulling out the stored Christmas decorations, all before Thanksgiving. This year, all of that was hard to do alone. It made it all feel so empty without him to give it that comforting shared meaningfulness.

However, I knew the most powerful force of change from that sadness would have to come from what I’d focus on. If I let my thoughts keep “my story” front and center, then I’d be down. But if I could create a different focus, I might raise my energy and embrace all the good a holiday of gratitude could bring.

So I started connecting with family members and friends to let them know how much I appreciated having them in my life and why. The back-and-forth texting and calls definitely raised my spirits. Feeling connected and having gratitude for my family at the Thanksgiving dinner table also helped put me into that upward cycle of energy, and the laughter felt so good!

The day after Thanksgiving, I was still feeling very upbeat. I just received a book in the mail about signs and synchronicities from transitioned loved ones (The Universe Is Talking to You by Tammy Mastroberte) and I decided to start reading it. I quickly got to the chapter on typical signs from the other side. The author included signs I myself have received at times that were highly coincidental such as white feathers and encircling buterflies. As I read the words “and lights flickering”, my reading lamp flickered for about one solid minute and then stayed on. Because it happened simultaneously as I read the words, it gave me chills. The bulb in the lamp never blew out (as one would expect when the flickering begins), and the timing was so precise… definitely got my attention! It was the very thing I needed…a sign from the one I missed so much. Needless to say, giving thanks this year created its own miracle.

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  1. I love the signs you get! 🙂


    1. Jack is a strong communicator, for sure! Thanks.

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