Thinning the Veil

Up to recently, I’ve had something so backwards in my thinking about being present. I’ve been trying to hear from my transitioned loved ones, and would try different meditations hoping to receive messages. I’ve kept thinking about what “work” I have to do to “get there”, when actually it’s the opposite. Just letting go of the mind chatter, letting go of my story, letting go of my “trying” puts me into my “now” place…me in the experience right now. More and more I’m finding it easier as the veil between the energies of my loved ones and mine gets thinner, and I feel closer to theirs…with all there is.

This morning, as I was slowly waking up and finishing off a dream that triggered a memory, I had an experience that helped me discern between my thought and one that came to me and was not mine. I knew it was from my husband because of the circumstances. Let me explain…

We always had a private and funny little competition over all our years together. We each had one thing we just could never remember. His was a math fact and mine was a singer’s name. Whenever we wanted to tease each other, I’d ask him the math question, and he’d ask me who sang Banana Boat. Why we each were never able to remember something so small and specific, I’ll never know, but we’d always enjoyed our private little competition. This morning, as I was coming into a waking state, my mind was remembering this enjoyable game, and I stopped short realizing I couldn’t remember the singer’s name, as usual. I thought for a bit and felt sad that he wasn’t with me to give me the answer or tease with me anymore. However, in an instant, I had a sudden and strong interruptive thought…”Harry Bellafonte”… and it was not mine, just by the nature of the way it felt like it came from outside of me. Then my mind instantly challenged it because I thought it was wrong (I thought that was a jazz musician), but the repeated “inserted thought” came as an insistence and a message external from my personal thinking. It was clear and strong, “Harry Bellafonte. Look it up.”

I had to laugh and immediately, got right up out of bed and went to another room to ask Alexa who sang Banana Boat… (almost like I was still playfully competing with him.) Her answer? Harry Bellafonte! For the first time, I was so positive that I had just received a message, a thought, undeniably from my late husband, and it happened by being open and receptive. It was clear to me that I had just been able to discern my thinking from his. It felt extraordinary. And it was exactly what mediums describe. By being less busy-minded in my waking-up state, the veil between us was thinner, and I became more aware of the conciousness we share on either side. What a gift!

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