My Favorite Trick-or-Treater

On Halloween night, I set up a front window next to my front door with a string of Halloween twinkling lights around it and my basket of candy inside. I wanted to greet all the kids that would be trick or treating from that window so I wouldn’t have to open the door, especially later into the night when the big kids come with no costume. That’s a bit scary to me. That way I could really enjoy all the kids and comment on the great costumes and wish them all that they fill their bags and have fun.

Around 7:30, I heard a loud pounding at my door with that familiar tempo ..bump, bump-bump, bump, bump… to which I answered from the inside, Bump, Bump, and went to the window laughing. There was a group of five Trick-or-Treaters all different sizes, with two sets of parents out by the curb just watching over them… all smiling big. I welcomed them and heard one little guy about four or five years old right by the door (who I think was the knocker) ask if he could just put something down on my delivery box under the window. I couldn’t make out exactly what that little voice said from behind the mask, but I thought he just needed a place to put something down while he reorganized something. Whatever he said, I just answered, “Sure,” as I continued making sure every one’s bag got a treat, not thinking anything of it.

As the five of them turned to hurry away saying thank you, one of the bigger girls (maybe his older sister) turned to that little boy and said, “Why did you do that?”

He answered her, “I just wanted to give her some candy because she was a nice lady,” and they all ran off. I went outside and found two candy bars on top of the delivery box that that little guy left for me! I can’t tell you how much that impressed me…the kindness and generosity from a child at that age, for whom candy is such a prized possession! That little guy is one very special soul making a big difference with his kind heart already in this world. I will never forget him.

2 responses to “My Favorite Trick-or-Treater”

  1. You most definitely are a nice lady! xo


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