My Granddaughter’s Wedding

Oh, my, what a roller coaster of emotions this past weekend wedding was for me. My late husband, in spite of so many health conditions, tried so hard to stay alive to attend our granddaughter’s wedding. He promised her as a newborn that he would dance with me at her wedding, but passed away a few months ago. As I sat in the first row and listened to the beauty of that adorable couple commit to a lifetime of love and friendship, the wedding vows brought me back to ours, 54 years ago. Right when the words, “Till death do us part,” were spoken, I felt my throat burn and my eyes fill up, and I panicked that I would not be able to stop myself from crying.

The good news was that a wave of comfort suddenly came over me and dried my tears right up as I was positive he was there with me. The thought popped into my head and reminded me that we actually didn’t part, and there was no death of our souls’ love. The continued connection of conciousness is eternal and his attempt to remind me with perfectly timed signs continues. Even that night, as the reception filled us all with joy from great entertainment, family and friend connections, delicious food, and lots and lots of dancing, I knew he was with me throughout. It was an easy “knowing” that he kept his promise.

And some of the “hard to explain” little miracle-like experiences before, during, and after that weekend reminded us all in the family that he was there and looking out for us. I do grieve the loss of his physical company, but I’m learning to enjoy his unique and almost comical attempts to let me know he’s still around. He was a funny guy, and his personality continues on!

3 responses to “My Granddaughter’s Wedding”

  1. My dearest BobbiLama, cousin, friend and confidant, It took me some time to reflect on your beautiful tribute to your granddaughters wedding (you looked absolutely stunning, by the way,) I was in tears reading your heartfelt feelings of the day, but had to understand if my tears were of sadness or joy. I read your story many times and could relate to all your emotions. My realization is now that they are tears of joy and hope. I feel Jack was sitting by your side and enjoying the day with his whole soul. You are so insightful to know that death do us part in no way means in souls do you part. Jack is making sure you understand that in every way possible ! He could ease up on some of his antics but I know he won’t! I am so proud of your continued optimism and love of life. You are my inspiration to me and so many. I love you so much!


    1. You are so kind, and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Much love to you!


    2. I can’t thank you enough for your love and understanding. You are such a kind soul. And no, he hasn’t stopped his antics, but I’ve come to uderstand his antics as pure love and I am really grateful for them.


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