On my To-Do List: Do Nothing

One of the hardest things for me to do over the years is nothing…to get out of my past and future and just be in the present moment. I remember talking with my spiritual mentor right before a vacation one year, and she suggested I try to be still and appreciate the moment a few times a day, and it truly was a challenge. In fact, during my “stay vacation” I was gardening and almost dropped a heavy flower pot. I went to save it, but broke a finger on each hand which truly shortened my to-do list for the week. I felt like my mentor and the Universe were in cahoots to slow me down! That week I practiced meditating, something I could actually “do”…ie. nothing.

I have to laugh at the way I would sit to learn to meditate. I’d start by setting a timer, closing my eyes, and try to think of nothing – which was not going to happen if I kept wondering, “Am I done yet? How much longer? And should I run to the grocery store before dinner?” Monkey mind madness over and over. Fast forward several decades later after my husband passed. I now sit quietly, no timer, just breathing slowly and deeply while I direct my thoughts to what I am feeling… knowing everything is energy, as well as myself, and I imagine all of our atoms are all part of our Highest Spirit/Universe both in the physical and in the spiritual…connected as One.

It feels like now I’m closer to his soul’s continued afterlife energy when I step into gratitude and quiet acceptance of that overall oneness. I’m working on letting go of those lower vibrations of disturbance and worry that get my monkey brain preoccupied…dense and slowed down with past regrets or concerns of what’s coming. Now I occasionally make the effort to quietly sit, let go, and think about my breathing to calm my brain activity until my mind feels light and uncluttered. I use my senses to embrace the awareness and union with all that surrounds me, and with so much appreciation. I feel closer to him when I do, and I become so peaceful in those moments of connection and gratitude.

2 responses to “On my To-Do List: Do Nothing”

  1. I really loved your blog regardless of where you are your words bring peace wisdom and harmony to all who read them thank you!


    1. Thank you so much Susanna. You are always so kind!


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