Hurricane Gratitude

Recently, one of the biggest hurricanes in our history came through my area, and I was so scared for the entire week before. The news was all about Hurricane Ian…a cat 4 headed straight for me. The good part about being so scared, so mobilized into action, that it left little time for sadness. I knew I had to ready the home and yard for winds predicted at up to155 mph and up to 25 inches of rain. It was a lot of physical labor as well as indoor prepping for evacuated family to come stay with me. The twist was that I also realized how happy their visit would make me, for their company. I didn’t want to face the winds alone, but I also looked forward to just being with them since loneliness has made grieving the loss of my husband so hard.

The other comforting positive I was grateful for was the feeling of being connected with all the friends and family who were checking in to make sure I wwould be okay. It’s so interesting that when I focus on finding what I’m grateful for, it’s always there. Even as I clean up the yard after Ian, and put back the furniture inside and out, I feel such gratitude again…that I am physically able to do that in my 70’s. I discovered I can be strong and resourceful enough, and I have people all around who are willing to help me to survive the storms that come. I also remind myself everyday to help those who were hit so hard, and to thank the good Lord (and my husband in spirit watching over me) that I am able to do that. I was truly blessed to have sustained only typical hurricane damage and not devastation, with a reminder that there’s always, always something for which I can be grateful.

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