What a Reading!

Last week I had another reading with Gail, an unbelievably accurate medium. We have such a great triangulated synergy with my late husband’s strength of communication and passion, her ability to receive what he’s saying and showing her, and my willingness to connect. All that energy, love, and intention in one reading, I believe, is what makes it so successful. It feels like the veil between us is so thin, like just a simple change of frequency. And when our reading is done, I feel so light and so happy and so connected. What I also love is the aftermath of aha’s. Some things Gail tells me that Jack is bringing up, I don’t get right away. But give it a little time, and I will suddenly have the lightbulb go off.

This time her first queston was about “cleaning”… was there something he would be referring to about that? I laughed because he didn’t do housework, and he always told me to not worry about it. I did remember talking to my handyman the day before about power washing outside after our long rainy season, so I thought that was it. Two days later, and now I’m almost wondering where my head was, I remembered all the work the handyman and I did clearing out old paints and pulling out Jack’s tools that I would never use. Of course he was “talking” about that as his tools were very special to him.

Next was his reference to my going to a John Edward show. She said he was showing her how my daughter and I were driving around and around and around. I remembered how we tried to find parking spot in the big hotel parking garage. We did go around and around every level all the way up and back down. Like he told her, he was there with us that day. He even laughed about me changing my clothes getting ready for the show. I actually did! I was trying to pick out my brightest shirt to make it easier to be called on if he came through, but kept changing my mind. I never told a soul.

He then acknowledged a man he was with who liked golf, had a bad knee, was about the same age (when he passed) and whose name was the same. It was like a game, with an easy answer. It was his dad after whom he was named. And he had had knee surgery and loved golf. He let me know of others he was with as well, which I had asked him to tell me the next time he came through.

I also had questions for him that I asked, hoping he would answer through Gail, and he did. One of them was if it was okay to use a small amount of his cremains for a memory necklace for me and our daughters instead of putting them all in the water as was in his will. In his classic way, he laughed, “I know you know those ashes are not really me. You could vacuum them up with the vacuum cleaner for all I care!” So him.

He said to Gail, very plainly, “Angels are real,” and I let her know how I broke down when I uncovered a love letter he had once written to me that I had just read the day before. He said, “I will be your angel now…it is a two-way street.” Then he told her he had been there for me during a raging thunderstorm earlier that week that scared me so badly. He had a circle of energy around me to keep me safe and comfort me, but I was too busy-brained to be receptive. He also said, that whether or not I can sense or feel him, he’s right there with me all the time.

He let me know he thought I was doing a great job with my spiritual growth and my writings (he likes this blog as his “voice”), and he was “all puffed up with pride” for how strong his daughters are. He also said he saw me reading from a big pile of books next to my chair, a little from one, and then a little from another. Gail said he was laughing and said, “Just pick one already, woman!” Then I laughed, too. That was his personality coming through, exactly as he would say it!

The reading had so much more, all rich with his validated evidence, personality and love. Jack and I are so blessed to have Gail to help us find peace in our souls’ eternal connection. (Thank you, Gail!)

One response to “What a Reading!”

  1. I find it so wonderfully fascinating that Gail never ever knew him so she has no reference as to his personality. So when he comes through with his big personality, it’s shines and validates the experience. What a legend he is…and I love that we all get to experience Jack through your blog!


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