Messages Validated

One afternoon, a few months after my husband passed, a friend of ours called me to tell me about a reading she had that afternoon from someone she didn’t know whose first name was Gail. A friend of hers had recommended Gail as a medium who was practicing relaying messages and looking for feedback about the ones she was getting from spirit. They had a zoom meeting and my friend told me how accurate she was describing her mom who came through first. Then, when Gail moved to a father energy, she started to describe someone my friend didn’t recognize, and certainly not like her father who had passed, nor did she recognize the content of the messages. This male energy appeared to Gail as a big, tall Marlboro Man-type guy, who was light-headed. He wanted to give messages to “the love of his life.” He proceded to tell Gail, which she relayed to my friend, that he had seen her planting a purple plant, and finding a gold watch with engraving. He also told Gail to tell her not to worry about his crazy business phone which stopped taking recorded voice mails right after he passed. He also told her that if she wanted to color her hair, to go to a salon. None of this was making sense to my friend, and I’m sure Gail must have been feeling frustrated at this point, with all this information not getting validated.

At that time, my friend told Gail that the infomation about this father-like male energy, being big and tall and being light-headed, sounded more like my husband who had just passed and was like a father to her. He had had extremely low blood pressure causing him to pass out several times a day in the months before he died, and his name was Jack. Immediately, Gail held up the notes she had taken when she had started receiving messages from him before the zoom call that day. On that paper was the word “jacked” written as if it could be a description of this big guy. Needless to say, she continued the reading as my friend took notes knowing she would deliver the notes to me afterwards. She laughed that my husband, her friend, had “hijacked” her reading!

As my friend shared with me the entire hour of messages from Gail, we were both reminded that none of us knew Gail before the reading, and that every single message was something specific that only I knew about, and even my friend did not. I told her I did transplant a purple Calla Lily plant given to me at his memorial, and I had hunted for that gold watch to give my grandson and finally found it. His business phone that quit working after his death, was upsetting me because I couldn’t get back to people who would reach out for help, and I had a hair coloring box in my hand that morning at the drugstore wondering if I dare do it. No one knew any of this, but Jack was clear and Gail was spot on!

The reading was filled with other messages such as acknowleding our granddaughter’s graduation two days before, and a wedding of another granddaughter in October…both true. He said he’d be watching over both our daughters (we have two), and sent specific messages of love and appreciation about our lifetime together with such accuracy it blew my mind. It truly felt like my friend, with Gail’s help, had received a personal phone call from him from Heaven. And one of the comforting messages from him was that he was right near me, like having gone from his physical body to a just higher frequency – like going into the next room. Gail said he could hear me when I talked to him, and he owned up to having sent so many unexplainable signs and messages to get my attention.

That reading was amazing. Nothing could have been more validating or more comforting to me…absolutely nothing.

If you have had any readings that amazed you, I’d love to hear about them.

4 responses to “Messages Validated”

  1. Thanks for writing about this Bobbi. I love that he ‘hi-jacked’ my reading ! xoxo


    1. Oh he knew there was a loving heart and a soul connection for all 3 of us to use to communicate! Thank you for being willing to let him be pushy!

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      1. Honestly I don’t think I had a choice! LOL


      2. You didn’t, but thank you for your sharing and your graciousness. xo

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