Souls Promised

The wedding vow is so simple, but obviously takes on more and more meaning if two people navigate years and decades together. What I’m learning now, is that it really goes way beyond the vow. My husband and I did the healthy years and the end-of-life years together, so “in sickness and health” certainly takes on a whole new dimension of love, care and connection after 54 years. And the “for better or worse” phrase covers all the daily struggles of life with our growing pains, our wonderful and unforgettable memories, and overall maturing through our shared learning experiences. But it’s the “till death do us part” concept that has shown me it’s not true…at least not when it comes to the “soul sense.” His physical death was not an ending for us. His love is now at a new “spiritual frequency” as his soul’s energy has sent me so many signs, and he has “come through” with so many validated evidential readings. There is no doubt in my mind that our souls promised to stay connected eternally and we can now continue beyond the vow.

As for people whose marriages end sooner than life ends, I believe the souls that connect through that vow have ultimately helped each other grow, almost as a gift of experience..”for better or worse.” Having read teachings about “soul contracts,” it makes sense that all souls that connect in the physical can teach each other lessons to help one another grow. And after the phhysical ends, the spirit continues on as loving energy.

I believe all of my loved ones are as near as a whisper, just beyond what my little brain can grasp in my physical state. I get my little confirmations when I ask for help, and I get support or answers right away, though, I admit, seldom in the way I would expect them. Yesterday, I melted into a puddle of frustration and tears with the malfunctioning of my computer, poor phone reception, and a new cell phone I couldn’t work yet. I finally stopped pushing myself, decided to meditate, and asked my late husband for help. Before I could “move my fingers and toes and slowly come back into the room,” the phone rang. A technically savvy friend called to see how I was doing and ended up giving me resources and suggestions that helped set me back on track.

And it happens all the time. I do not believe our loved ones that passed are gone. I believe their souls transition from the body into spirit and can help us from the other side. When my husband and I said our vows, we made a promise in physical form, but our souls also made a promise to share Love forever, and that is what souls do.

4 responses to “Souls Promised”

  1. I love that you and Jack are still so connected. Please keep sharing your story with us! I love to hear it all!


    1. Thank you! I absolutely will!

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  2. What a well spoken and comforting way to think about all the loved ones who have crossed over before us. I especially liked your acknowledgment and understanding that your husband and “soulmate “ is still very much with you.


    1. Thank you, Patty. Feeling him near me is so comforting and has helped the grieving process.


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