Melting into Oneness

I love to read about the magnificence of all that exists and how it came to be as described by the great minds of the ancient masters. And, though my little brain is certainly not at that level, I’m beginning to “get it” from a spiritual understanding. As I read and listen to those great philosophers as well as the insightful people of our time, I have had to become more selective… probably because I want to hear from the people I find most credible, but also people I can understand. One of my recent favorites is Suzanne Giesemann because she brings what is philosophically lofty down to my level of understanding through metaphors. Having been a well-educated Navy Commander and an aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, she is quite impressive…especially now as a highly validated and acclaimed medium. Besides helping people hear from past loved ones, she teaches others how to discern between the thoughts from our busy human minds, versus the mental thoughts coming from that spirit energy. She teaches how to be open to receive them.

She and so many other spiritual leaders seem to describe the infinite universe as a vast, unending field of energy, in which every one and every thing exists, and all souls belong to that vast oneness at some level of vibration or energy. When we try to differentiate the physical soul’s energy from spiritual energies, it’s like looking at snowflakes…all made of the same water, and yet unique in their different frozen physical designs. Oneness is also likened to the water in which we find an iceberg in the sea… a solid made of the very liquid that is its source.

So, if that awesome field of intelligent, creative, and loving energy (aka Source, God, Universe, Oneness, etc.) is that same energy of our souls, then we are that. And our loved ones that have passed on are also that. It means we are a continuous field of that. (How cool is that?) So when I meditate to reduce the chatter of my busy mind, I try to open up into what is now my understanding of an awesome infinite Oneness. I try to quiet my mind so I can feel my soul relaxing into its Source, connecting with all souls in this loving energy field…like feeling “home.” I don’t know if any of you feel this special connection with loved ones when you quiet your mind, but it does offer such comfort. When I am able to feel my husband’s energy, I know his love has not separated from me, but instead, it has melted into mine. My only challenge is simply to remember that Universal Oneness.

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