Sometimes… It Just Is What It Is

I used to feel disturbed with that statement because it made me feel like I had to accept things that weren’t comfortable or going my way. Well, now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize the universe is quite complicated, and maybe it took a few billion years for this very moment to actualize..precisely as it has…and with or without my input. How humbling… but realistic. And it’s not like I can’t try to co-create with the universe to cause good things to happen for me, but somehow I reach the “wisdom to know the difference” place a little sooner now.

Looking deeper into how we decide what we’ll accept and what circumstance or item we think we can’t live without, I’m realizing a lot of what I learned in my hypnotherapy classes explains it all. It’s what we experience and hang onto, placing it into our subconscious, that creates the alarm and residual suffering. And it’s the “hang onto” part that creates that scar (samskara) or “our button” for us forever more. Too bad those experiences don’t just happen, feel experienced, and then “pass through” our psyche. It’s like when a dog charges at you, yes, it is scary and memorable for sure, but should not create a dogless lifetime. I’ve seen people try to control the world to make sure they don’t walk outside, visit people with dogs, and avoid parks. These avoidance behaviors can last forever, so I figure it’s best to practice letting uncomfortable experiences go, like riding on a horse, getting thrown, but getting back on.

And the same works for positive experiences turning into “have-to-haves-in-order-to-be-happy.” Those set us up for major disappointments. Loving holidays with family can make any holiday alone a very depressing day…if we have stored it as an absolute requirement for happiness, it must be with family. Afterall, tradition feels right and good, but is never guaranteed. Once again, to enjoy the blessings as they come, but not cling to the expectation that they have to be a certain way. And it’s the belief itself that makes us feel we must have it to be happy.

So my efforts recently have been to not make myself worried, or sad, or scared with my own downloaded memories of experiences. Those thoughts that grab me as sufferings are just thoughts. The suffering I experience is in my mind…I created my own issues by how I’ve stored those “requirements” as I’ve determined them. And maybe things just happen all around me and I’m not supposed to change anything at all. Instead of judging or controling, I’d like to focus more time on acceptance and gratitude, knowing so much of what happens, just is what it is. The more I do that now, the more I find peace.

2 responses to “Sometimes… It Just Is What It Is”

  1. Very well spoken comments that turn into great advice for everyone! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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