My family recently gathered for a send-off dinner in honor of my granddaughter leaving for the Navy. I consider her so brave and respect her so much for the five-year sacrifice she’s making, and at only 18 years old. She shared a video with us describing boot camp that was to prepare her for the stresses and hardships of just her next ten weeks. I wish everyone could see it. It clearly laid out challenges that would test even the strongest among us, for sure.

What impresses me about her preparing for this enlistment, despite her acknowledgement about missing everyone and doing without every comfort for such a long time, is her resolve. She knows this feels so right. I love that. Isn’t it amazing how dedicated people can be to do the hard stuff? And not just the military, but also the police, firemen, etc.  who find and answer to a higher purpose. I’m sure you know a few people who sacrifice so much for the greater good. They are such a blessing in our lives, aren’t they? God bless them for sacrificing to assure our safety and freedoms. They certainly deserve our gratitude.

Here’s to you, Abigail… Thank you! And know that my prayers (and Pop Pop’s spirit) will be with you!

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