A Room Filled with Love

I recently went to the John Edward Show, and he was great! I had heard him speak before years ago, live, and my husband and I used to watch his TV show, Crossing Over with John Edward. I’ve always been so impressed with how he uses his mediumship to “bring loved ones through” with so many validated details, and he did it again. Several people were, once again, so thrilled to hear from their loved ones who had passed. The huge audience was able to hear how energy comes through, as John Edward explained how energy can present itself at different ages, in different combinations, and/ or of different relationships. I was so comforted hearing again that once we cross over, we don’t judge anymore from a psyche or ego of a physical form. We transition to an energy that observes and comes from a place of love. There was no doubt in my mind that the audience there for the show that night was sitting in a room filled with love.

John Edward’s description about the uniqueness of how everyone “receives messages” was also interesting.  I learned that those who “come through” do so through a large range of avenues…clairvoyance (seeing in the mind), clairsentience (sensing the energy), clairaudience (hearing a message), signals, and dreams… all very different and personal. The part I enjoyed the most was his selection of stories about how an individual mentally receives this spiritual energy as it filters through their own unique life experience. That means a message of love may come to me with a mental image of red roses, but to another it may come as an image of a picture of a bride and groom. A person of another generation may be mentally hearing a familiar love song of their era.

 I went there hoping to hear from my late husband, until I heard John Edward start to read for his first audience members. The details were specific and validated, and the first person was so grateful to hear from her late father that she cried…just to hear from him. And then the next one, and the next one… all so grateful just to know their loved ones, who crossed over, were okay and near.  I knew then that I had already been so blessed to have heard from my husband in so many ways, and so clearly and so often. I knew that others who were there that night needed that comfort more than me, and I was lucky enough to have had my share of communications from him before that night.

One of the qualities of my husband was that he was extremely generous and never took from anyone. He was the one who held the door for every, last person, and he made sure everyone else who wanted to, could go before him. I do believe he was there with me anyway, and as usual, he let them go first. It all felt right.

I’m wondering if you’ve ever had a loved one come to you, and how you received them. I’ve had such different signs and messages at different times, and I am so grateful.

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