Just Jack

One Thursday morning before the fourth of July weekend, I went out to get the mail. I saw a huge, white feather sticking up in the grass like a dart right in front of the mailbox. You really couldn’t miss it! And even though I had found feathers occasionally in the yard in the past, this one was truly magnificent measuring over 12 inches. I brought it in with the mail and put it onto the kitchen counter so I could continue to admire it. The next day, Friday, it happened again, right by the mailbox but not as impressive in size. I walked around my whole yard and then the whole block to see if there were any others but found none. By Saturday, when there was a third feather, just as pure white, and right along side of the mailbox, my suspicions were rising. I did another walk around the yard and the block only to find it was the only feather, and right near my mailbox as before. I began to think it was too unnatural for that to happen three days in a row, and in the same spot. What were the odds?

As I went out for my walk on Sunday and Monday mornings, I found no feathers, but Tuesday there was one more actually leaned up against the mailbox itself. There were no more after that, but it occurred to me that this was a sign from my late husband. We had always loved watching the big, white Wood Storks that nested in our area a few months before.  I imagined he probably only put the feathers there by the mailbox on the days there was mail so I would find them, and given it was the July 4th weekend, there was no mail on Sunday or the Monday holiday! I realized how clever he could be, even in spirit, but I had no idea what was to come.

The next night, on my way to bed, I put all four feathers on my counter to remind me to take a picture of them in the morning. (I love collecting evidence!)  After I woke up the next morning, I went out to the kitchen and discovered that the two big feathers weren’t there. I stood in total disbelief staring at the two smaller feathers where I left them. I knew I had put all four there the night before and began to walk around the house until I passed by the counter again and saw the two big feathers on the floor behind the stationary bike standing by that counter. I racked my brain for what breeze, or AC fan could have done it. I even left all four feathers in the same spot for the next three days to see if they could be blown off naturally. Not one ever moved.

At the end of the week, I remembered I could check the closed-circuit television camera recording from that night they moved.  I did a search, and a little after midnight, those two feathers whisked up into the air as if someone blew them up, outward, and then they dropped down to the floor…with me asleep in the bedroom, the house locked up, and the alarm was on. Only a nightlight and a camera were on to tell the story.

I used my smartphone to video the camera recording on the big television and have texted it, emailed it, and shown it to so many of our friends, relatives, and neighbors. Without hesitation, after the first shock, everyone invariably figured it was just Jack…knowing how much he loved to make everyone laugh! I loved that about him, and I still do. 

Feel free to share any “unexplainable” events that you’ve witnessed.  The stories are so validating that the ones we love are still here.

4 responses to “Just Jack”

  1. Patricia J Whitaker Avatar
    Patricia J Whitaker

    You told the story beautifully.


  2. Patricia J Whitaker Avatar
    Patricia J Whitaker

    You told your story beautifully.


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