Signs from the Other Side

Recently I’ve been wondering what my late husband’s soul, his energy vibration or frequency can do now in his non-physical state.  Unfortunately, my skeptical mind wants an explanation for what seems to be happening in my home that I feel might be signs from him. I want to be “beyond-any-doubt” certain it’s him reaching out and giving me evidential messages so I can share my excitement with others. I certainly don’t want to sound like a grieving widow who declares every butterfly to be a sign from the other side. 

My husband always told me that if he passed before me, he would do something to let me know he was still around me. He felt it would most likely be electric or electronic…something having to do with his HVAC field of expertise while living. And ever since he passed, there have been so many signs, like the thermostat had different warnings and failures that the service man could not explain. Certain light bulbs would go out, but come back on, and the outdoor lights flashed for hours, with no explanation from the electrician the next day when he saw they had resumed back to normal. My caller ID on the television would light up with my landline information calling me, and yet, the phone never rang. After this ID message appeared repeatedly several times a day for three days, the service guy said later he had no explanation, and it never happened again. And then there have been even more unexplainable “happenings” on my computer. A bright red oval suddenly pulsating over the screen, not to come back. An email about an account of his suddenly being read to me in a spoken voice. And, before you say I’m seeing things, I have them all on video.

So now, after eight months of constant and clever signs, I am surrendering. I am no longer going to call service companies unless the problem persists, and I’m no longer believing I’m seeing things. Better yet, I’m comforted by him reaching out, and I’m letting go of the need to know how it all works…accepting every sign of love with gratitude.

Have you ever felt you had signs from loved ones that have crossed over? I’d love to hear about it.

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